Book Review: Living in the Zone

I received a review copy of Living Life in the Zone by Kyle Rote Jr., from BookSneeze.  The book is a devotional book for men based around sports and sports themes.  It calls itself 'a 40-day spiritual game plan for men.'

One thing I appreciate about the book is the effort to make spiritual truths accessible in a format that men will be interested in.  Of course not all men are sports guys, but a majority of my friends are, and I know this devotional guide will interest them.

The format of each day includes a thought of the day, along with Scripture, and then a 'game plan' section that walks you through some ways to apply the spiritual truth being presented.  The book is broken up into section involving your wife, your kids, your friends, your work, and your future.  These sections are called "zones" and the book is designed to help me live in the zone.  The idea of being in the zone as it relates to sports is the time when an athlete is focused, efficient, and successful.  Players who are in the zone seem to be playing at their best.

Living Life in the Zone is an attempt to help men get focused and achieve the life God's desires for them by offering practical spiritual truths in short, easy to read, fun to read, sports analogies and daily devotions.  I will be giving my review copy to a friend who is exploring God in the hopes that his interest in sports will intersect with the work the Holy Spirit is doing in his heart.