Believing In The Promise

Lately I've been feeling stuck and wondering what was supposed to happen in my future. It has seemed like the good options have been swallowed up and I'm left with a pile of questions, doubts and fears. My perspective is starting to shift though.

Yesterday I was listening to a sermon and heard the story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho mentioned. It got me thinking. God had promised the land to Joshua and the Israelites long ago, but because of the people's fear and doubt an entire generation missed out on experiencing God's provision.

Then God rises up Joshua and tells him to lead the people into the promise. And Joshua follows. It must have been an exciting time. Anticipation and hope, joy and celebration. Renewed faith in God and the wonders of his goodness. And then comes Jericho. The first test. A large city that was heavily fortified with insurmountable walls.

I've hit some insurmountable walls in my life. Obstacles that I didn't think there was any way to overcome. Challenges that seem too large to take on. Situations were the risk of moving forward looks to high. In fact, I am wondering about a wall in my life right now. Maybe you are to.