I've Had It With Loneliness

My brother Jeff sent me these notes.  They were from a sermon series he heard at Eagle Brook Church.  There is some great nuggets in here if you or a friend are dealing with feelings of loneliness.  I especially like Q #3 because most people never go to that level of introspection in their lives but it is an important discipline to have from time to time.  No one should ever believe they have arrived at the best version of themselves that they have to offer the world.  Because of the damage of sin we all have things to work on until that day when Jesus makes us wholly complete.

Watch the sermon: I've Had It With Loneliness

3 Types of Loneliness:
-situational (eating alone in the lunchroom)
-seasonal (i.e kid leaves for college)
- chronic

4 Questions to Overcome Loneliness:
1. Are you trusting God?  Really?  Romans 15:13 "AS you TRUST in Him"

- continually know and trust God working in your life and honestly ask yourself how much you are truly trusting in God
Josh 1:5

2. Have you identified your "home team"?

-make a list--write down these people (bob had 18) in order-- i.e spouse, kids, in-laws, friends
-these are the people you call when you have a flat tire--the people who know everything that is wrong with you and still like you:), not just people who drift in and out of your life
-there is a certain oneness you have with other believers that you cannot have with non believers
-start investing in these people and let them know that--dont overlook the people God puts in front of you each day
-if your marriage is not your home team, something is wrong

3. Have you dealt with your relational barriers?

-these are habits you have that might be pushing people away and keeping you lonely (Col 3:5-11)
-the fastest way to loneliness if to lead an immoral, sexually careless life--you cannot build a family/marriage/home with these type of behaviors
"you just don't see people who are successful in life who are hotheads" - Henry Cloud
-Relational builders traits (Godly, genuine, generous, humor, energetic, depth, problem solvers)
-Relational barrier traits (needy, whiny, 1-issue people, lazy, pushy, jokesters, self absorbed)

4. Have you taken initiative?  Honestly?

-if you are lonely, what ARE YOU DOING about it?  
- start a group, service or volunteer- take a step
-make the call