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Family Movie Night - Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn TreaderF

We had a great family night this evening. We kicked off the night with breakfast for dinner (pancakes, bacon, and eggs). Then we carved pumpkins. The kids were asking about it all day, but Stephanie spend more time working on the pumpkins than anyone else. Then we cuddled up on the coach and watched The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

I was very impressed with the movie. I continue to be amazed at the skill in which C.S. Lewis was able to weave Biblical truth into creative story-telling. Multiple times during the movie I was forced to contemplate temptations to idolatry and sin. Other times I was moved to tears thinking of the character Aslan as a representation of Jesus Christ. So cool. I know the kids didn't comprehend the depth of the themes in the film, but as we watched I tried to talk through some things with them and explain what Lewis was trying to teach through his writing.

Thanks Dad!

I had a great time with my dad today cutting down some dead trees behind my house.

It brought back lots of memories of working with my dad at our 5 acre farm when I was growing up.  My dad is a tireless worker who spent his weekday driving semi-truck, and his weeks trying to upkeep our property, enjoy time with his family, and cart use round to the many activities my siblings and I were in.

I am grateful for my dad who taught me the value of handwork, returning things you borrow in better condition that you got them, executing a plan and staying with it until complete, loving your wife, and most importantly, trusting in Jesus and putting your faith in him.

*I'm also thankful for my neighbor who let me use his truck to haul all the brush to the dump.

Fatherhood Frustrations

It is astonishing how easy it is to get stuck in a rut of negativity as a father.

Yesterday was one of those day where ever single thing my kids did bothered me.  I was so blinded by the mistakes of my kids that I didn't enjoy almost any time with them.  I don't get many weekends at home, and it makes me even more upset that during the time I did have, I wasted it all away yelling at them for their errors.

Much of my frustration with my kids comes from them interrupting what I am doing.  They interrupt because they are fighting, or someone took something, or someone is hurt, or they want me to look at something or do something with them.  Then, instead of entering into their world for a moment, I get upset and raise me voice to resolve the issue.  It is a graceless, selfish form of parenting.  I let my desires for quietness and personal pursuits of pleasure to override my God-given call to love and train up my children.  It is a sin.

I wonder how many moments I will reflect o…

Waseca Congregational Church - How to Overcome the Tongue (James 3:1-12)

My Big Sinful Mouth

One of the graces of preaching is that you get the chance to do a serious self-reflection every week during your sermon preparation.  This coming Sunday I am preaching at my friend Chris'schurch in Waseca, MN and my text is James 3:1-12, and I have studied I have had to acknowledge my own sins that arise from the text.

The passage is all about our tongues/speech and how the words that we use reflect what is going on in our hearts.  James teaches that the power of the tongue for good and for evil is astounding, and as Christians we need to pay more attention to our words and speech.  No doubt preparing for this sermon has give me plenty of opportunity to pay attention to my own tongue and I'm not especially satisfied with myself.  My words 'tell' me that I have a long way to go in allowing the Holy Spirit to transform my heart into a heart like Jesus has.

One pastor wrote that sinning with our mouths is the most common sin of man.  He joked, "..maybe that is why Je…