Consumerism v. Generosity at Christmas

Great thoughts on consumerism v. generosity at Christmas.
One of my concerns is that programs like Advent Conspiracy or even rhetoric meant to shame Black Friday shoppers become ways materialistic Christian suburbanites do penance for their year-long accumulation. But year-end rebuke of consumerism doesn't mitigate consumerism the rest of the year. Instead -- and how's this for a novel concept? -- let's just be generous people, year-round. 
There's nothing wrong with giving gifts to friends and family. There's nothing wrong with even buying those gifts, rather than making them. And there's nothing wrong with trying to save money when buying those gifts. Gift-giving is good, and so is saving money on gifts you were going to buy anyway.
Flee consumerism this holiday season. But flee also smug abstention.  (HT: Jared Wilson)