What Do You Watch?

A couple weeks ago I preached a sermon about The Impact of our Tongues (from James 3:1-12 - you can watch it here). I have continued thinking about the topic ever since. I have also been thinking a lot about the impact of watch we watch. Stephanie and I have an on-going discussion about the things we watch and the responsibility we have as Christians in determining what we are entertained by. I think it is a healthy discussion for us to have.

I am moving more and more towards drawing a harder line in the things I watch. This is difficult because so many television shows and movies now are laced with all sorts of sinful behavior. That is the main point for me. I don't think it is appropriate for Christians to be entertained by sin. The problem is determining how this plays out. Do I watch a show that balances clean humor and code humor? Do I watch a show that has violence and killing? Do I watch a show that has characters normalize behaviors out of sync with Scripture?

I have never really identified what standards I will have for myself regarding what I watch (outside of some pretty common ones involving more blatant sinfulness). I think part of the fear I have in determining a standard is the fact that I know how much I will be tempted to ease that standard or compromise it when there is something that I really want to watch and be entertained by. The cravings for entertainment and 'vegging out' can be very hard to set aside. I continue to rely on the words or Scripture and the conviction of the Holy Spirit to guide me (you need to have both to be safe because the conscious can be easily manipulated and fooled). And I rest in the promise of grace to cover my unintended errors in judgment. 

I'm curious if anyone reading this would share their feelings about a Christian's responsibility with regard to what they watch.