Driscoll on Abortion

"Now, here's why we are a pro-life church: because God is a pro-life God. I'll make this as clean as I can. See, the main reason why you would be pro-choice is, you want to have sex outside of marriage, not be obligated to that child, and so you would rather murder them than repent. It's really not that complicated. Some people say, “Oh, there's minority cases for rape and incest.” Let's just talk about the vast majority of cases. Let's deal with all of that and maybe we can quibble over some of the complicated details and other scenarios.

But that's life, life nonetheless, and we're pro-life, I'm prolife nonetheless. What we see here is, God says there's a baby in Elizabeth's womb. You're going to read this coming up in the next few weeks, that the baby leapt in the womb of a mother. That same word for “baby” is the same word for “children” who gather around Jesus later and sing “Hosanna, Hosanna!” So, the baby in the womb is the same as a five-year-old kid who sings songs to Jesus. They're all children.

And here, we find that this child in Elizabeth's womb has a name. His name is John. Not only is his name John, he's filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother's womb. I don't know how you could get a stronger argument for personhood than: named by God, filled with the Holy Spirit, set apart for ministry, still in the belly. That, to me, seems like a pretty good case for personhood. And the holocaust of abortion is completely unacceptable. And as many as 25 percent of all abortions are performed by professing evangelical Christian women, completely unacceptable sin, it's murder. It's murder. Jesus died for all sin. And he can and will forgive you.

But rather than arguing over the political point, repent of the action. And I love the fact that God can save a baby and fill them with the Holy Spirit from their mother's womb. I'll tell you why. The holocaust of abortion, roughly one out of five pregnancies end in miscarriage, some of you are struggling with infertility, you keep having miscarriages. My wife and I have five beautiful healthy kids. We had one that was miscarried. It was devastating. And I find so much comfort that God knows the baby from the womb. God names the baby from the womb. God can even sovereignly elect, predestine the baby from the womb, can put the Holy Spirit in the baby, and regenerate the baby in the womb."

- This is all from Mark Driscoll's sermon on Luke 1:5-24