It is About HIS Story, not Yours

Today I took a call at work about a piece of merchandise that someone wanted to return.  After I explained that we could not return the merchandise the man very kindly said, "No problem.  Let's set that little thing aside and deal with the bigger issue."

He then proceeded to start telling me about Jesus Christ. I stopped him to let him know I was already a Christian and he didn't have to convince me.  "Why do you think you're a Christian?," he asked.  I explained that I have been saved by Christ and that Jesus has transformed my life, and that I share my story with people who may be interested.  He replied, "Evangelism is not about your story, it is about God's story."  Ouch.  Blunt.  But true...

I'm not very outwardly evangelistic.  Sharing my faith isn't something that comes super easy to me (unless I am preaching from the pulpit).  My default mode is to try and relate or impress another person by extolling the ways in which Jesus has changed my life.  But what the man on the phone was reminding me of is the fact that all kinds of people get their lives 'cleaned up' (drunk get sober, the poor get jobs, mean people become nicer) but only Jesus saves, and he does so out of his great love for us while we are yet sinners.

This is what needs to be proclaimed.  Not how I have changed, but the means by which Jesus changes me.  And this is intimidating, scary work for me.  But it is also freeing because it puts the onus for salvation on a supernatural work of God in someone else's heart, not on my ability to convince or persuade my fellow man.