Labor, Scatter, and Sow in Service to Others

Charles Leach, in his 1898 book "Our Bible: How We Got It," talking about the great work of William Tyndale, who devoted his life to translating the Bible into common English, and who was burned at the stake just three years before an authorized version gained accepted circulation among the people in 1539AD.
It was his lot to labor while others enjoyed, to scatter what others should gather, and to sow what others should reap.  In it all, however, God's Word was honored, the salvation of many men furthered, and the glory of God secured.
Tyndale lived the bulk of his life in poverty, danger, and scorn.  He experienced little earthly success and was viewed in poor terms through the eyes of the world.  Yet the riches that were laid up for him in heaven for his great work and perseverance to God in the face of trial are vast.

Thank you Lord for William Tyndale and the way he gave his life so that I could read your Word!