Monday Mind Dump

- I have a sermon to give on Sunday and I can't get any leading where to go or how to get the thing started.
- The church I preach at is 40 people tops and yet every Sunday feels like the World Series for me.
- Weeks when I'm preaching are an emotional roller-coaster.  Spiritual attacks?  I feel so mentally drained.
- Worst part is...I can't turn down preaching ops.  Feel like it is central to my gifts, passion, calling.
- Got an email last Tuesday encouraging me to turn in an app for a pastor position in OR.  Been wrestling with that all week.
- Drives you crazy looking for signs from God about what path to take.  You find contradictory stuff everywhere.  The mind games you play with yourself are intense.
- Have to focus forward but some weeks its hard not to dwell on everything wrong decisions in the past have cost.
- Instead I need to praise Jesus for the growth and the development.  My concern needs to be on my own journey, not the journey of others.
- It is hard not to be discouraged by the progress, lives, of others when you see yourself in their shoes.
- Found some encouragement today in a sermon from C.H. Spurgeon I read today, based on 1 Peter 1:13.  I have a quote to blog later.
- Looking forward to my hockey game tomorrow night.