Parents: Time is Short with Your Kids So Don't Waste It

How do I maximize the time I have with my kids?

This is a question I think I will need to revisit over and over again now that all three of my kids are in school full-time.  Between school, my job, and all our other family commitments I have a pretty small window of opportunity to invest in the development of my kids.  I think this means I have to be all the more intentional in the spaces I still have.  And I have to work extremely hard at making sure I don't waste precious time by being angry, anxious, distracted, exhausted, or into other things.

Here's a few things I can do to invest in my kids:

- help with their homework
- read with them
- let them help prepare meals
- occasional Daddy dates
- turn down the radio and talk in the car
- coach their team
- volunteer at their school
- play sports with them instead of watching on TV
- put away the smart phone
- do chores together: room pick-up, clothes put away
- bring them with me on errands

The window of time I have as the primary influencer of my children is shrinking fast.  I am being forced to hand them over to classmates, teachers, coaches, and neighborhood kids.  But I am determined to not go away without a fight.  I have to fight for the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical development of my kids.  The stakes are too high, and Satan is to real for me to be passive.

However, I rest in the sovereignty of God and the truth that ultimately my kids are his kids, and I am just a temporary caregiver and teacher.  He holds them in his hands, he has written their days in his book, and he is more loving and powerful and perfect a parent than I can even dream of being.