Secret Church Learnings

On Friday night nearly 20 brave people gathered at my house to participate in Secret Church, a 6+ hour simulcast Bible teaching from David Platt, pastor of Brook Hills Church.  The topic of the night was Marriage, Family, Sex and the Gospel.  It was a tremendous amount of material but a great night of Biblical teaching and relationship building with people from my church.

Some of the things that have stuck with me are:
- fathers must assume the leadership role in teaching their wives and children about Jesus
- don't exasperate your children
- that your children know and love God is the most valuable thing you pass along as a parent
- the Gospel is the hope and power for everything
- dead people don't come back to life on their own power
- the Bible is meant to be learned and lived
- be taught and then go and teach
- pray for people groups around the world who are being persecuted for their faith
- abortion is all about God, not about politics/women/society/free choice
- don't focus on the sins of the minority and ignore the sins of the majority
I have almost 10 pages of notes so those are just a few things off the top of my head.