What's the Size of Your Leadership Plate

I heard Mark Driscoll talk once about  the concept of leaders having different size leadership plates.  Here's what he said in a nutshell.  Different leaders can only handle certain amounts of responsibility and pressure before things start to go array.

Some leaders have large plates and can handle lots of things.  Other leaders have medium size plates.  And some leaders can only handle a small number of things.  No leadership plate size is better than any other.  The key is to acknowledge the size of your plate, fill it, but don't take on more than you can handle.

I have always wanted to be a large plate leader.  However, the fact is that I am not and will not be.  I am a medium to small sized plate leader.  When I get many projects going at once, I start feeling all kinds of anxiety and I start to miss details and drop balls.  I am much more adapt to focus on completing a few things, than to balance many things at once.  When I have lots of things happening I start to get really stressed and frustrated.

I'm learning to be content with the person God made me to be and to seek his will in my life based on who I am, not who I wish I was.  This is not always easy.  The accolades on earth go to the large plate guys (and gals), but I have to remember that my father in heaven does not show partiality to the famous or the wealthy, but rather to the faithful and the weak.