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The Word of the Lord Remains Forever

For the past couple weeks I have been completed infatuated with the Bible.  I mean to say - I’ve been like a kid who just secured his first date, who for the next week can think of nothing else than the girl he’s going to the movies with on Friday.  I’ve been thinking of verses during the day, reading books about the Bible, sharing Scriptures with me wife, listening to Bible saturated preaching on my iPod - I’ve just been completely enamored by the greatness of God’s Word.

One book I read last week is called “Our Bible: How We Got It.” (Charles Leach, copyright 1898) In the book the story is told of William Tyndale, the man responsible for some of the very fist English translations of the Bible.  Tyndale gave almost his entire life in the pursuit of translating Scripture so that the English commoners could read and love the Book he so greatly loved.  

However, not everyone liked the idea of expanding access to the Bible, and so enemies of Tyndale chastised him, rounded up his Bibles and burned them.  For many of us that would be discouraging, but so in love with Christ and Scripture was Tyndale that he responded with these words,

I am glad [that they were bought up and burned], for these two benefits shall come thereof: I shall get money to bring myself out of debt and the whole world will cry out against the burning of God’s Word, and the overplus of the money that shall remain with me shall make me more anxious to correct the said NT, and so newly to imprint the same once again, and I trust the second will be much better than ever was the first.”    

Tyndale, like so many others, ultimately gave up his life (in 1536) and was burned alive at the stake because of his deep love for the Book, the Word of God.  Do you treasure God’s Word like this?  I pray you do because I believe the time is coming when those who call themselves Christians will be faced with very hard choices regarding the Word of God and whether they believe it truly to be breathed out by God.  

The authority of the Bible over our lives, our churches, and our country is constantly under attack by those who would like to reinterpret Scripture, revise it to make it more pleasing to them or remove it from public life all together.  In addition, there movements under way around the world to make parts of Scripture hate speech - which in essence would force Christians to shut up the Word of God, or to risk persecution and possible imprisonment.  

Praise be to God that the Bible will never go away, despite the greatest efforts of man. Leach has an insight and encouraging quote when he writes, “The more men have tried to eradicate the Bible the more deeply it has struck the roots; and the more they have tried to blot out the name of Christ, the more legible and glorious it has become.”  

Or in the words of 1 Peter 1:25, “the word of the Lord remains forever.”  
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