10 Parenting Frustrations

My wife Stephanie created this list almost two years ago, and ironically it is still relevant to where we find ourselves today.
10. Repeating my directions 3 or more times, while elevating my voice levels before any action takes place.
9. Asking for something to eat, then eating 2 bites and wasting the rest.
8. Constant need to be entertained by me or something electronic
7. Pile up of coats, boots, shoes, hats and mittens all in the middle of my entry way.
6. Lack of cleaning up after their messes of toys, clothes, crafts, ANYTHING!
5. Always wanting what the other sibling has even if they haven't touched the thing for weeks
4. Random walk-by hit and runs with the hands or objects.
3. "What? what? what? I can't hear you, what? what?"
2. Always expecting everything to be "fair" between them. If one person has a friend over, they all want a friend over. If one person gets to choose a cartoon, then they all want to choose a cartoon, etc, etc, etc.
1. "I'm hungry, what's for dinner? "______". "Yuk, that's disgusting, I don't like that!"
I'm interested to hear what frustrations you have as a parent in your house.