15 Highlights from 2011

I am likely missing many, but here are 15 highlights from the last year.  They are NOT in any order of ranking:

1. Trip with Stephanie to Guatemala for my sister's wedding
2. The Mystery Trip with the kids to a hotel in St. Louis Park, MN
3. Riding a Greyhound to meet up with the family for summer vacation in Benton Harbor, MI
4. Playing in a FCA hockey league with my brother Jeff
5. Getting a new job as an Assistant Manager at Walmart
6. Completing a 6 years restoration journey with a group from the BGC and some good friends
7. Cheering Stephanie on at the Iron Girl Dualthon in Bloomington, MI
8. Going to three consecutive Twins v. Red Sox games
9. Preaching at churches in Waseca, Northfield, Blaine, International Falls, and Emily (all in MN)
10. Attending the Elephant Room conference with my friend Chris
11. Coaching Jacob's baseball team
12. Spending January through May as a SAHD with my youngest son Andrew
13. Going to Wild games versus the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens
14. Two day pheasant hunting trip with my neighbor Brian in Edgerton, MN
15. YMCA Daddy/Daughter Dance, followed by Saints Night Out with the neighbors