The 3 Paths Man Has to Choose From

I came across this graphic today and it hit me that it is a great picture of the paths people choose to walk in life.

This individual is at a point in his journey where he can choose to go one of three directions.  The first direction he can go is to the left.  This is the path that leads to the destruction of life.  If this man goes down this path he will likely encounter addiction, violence, financial ruin, strained relationships, and great despair.  Those who go left usually end up unmarried, in jail, addicted, poor, or dead.

The second direction the man can go is straight ahead.  If he goes straight ahead he will be among the presence of many others traveling on the road.  He will likely go to college, build a career, try but avoid getting hooked on substances, marry, have some children, work for the weekend, accumulate many things he doesn't need and can't pay for, think going to church is a good idea but never devote much of his life to it, have friends but none that truly know him, and think that retirement will be when real life begins.

Finally the man can choose to go right.  Going right is the path to righteousness.  This is a path that few walk down because it requires obedience to God, submission to the authority of Scripture and the leadership of a local church, transparency among brothers, integrity, faith and love.  The path of the righteous is a great adventure because it involves being led by the Holy Spirit.  There is joy, intimacy in marriage, warmth in the home, and love for the world.  Though it guarantees no material success on earth, this is a path that ends in eternal rejoicing with Jesus.