5 Ways Wives can Encourage Their Husbands (Jared Wilson)

Pastor Jared Wilson shares 5 ways wives can encourage their husbands*.

1. Praise him verbally
2. Submit to his leadership
3. Reject relational legalism
4. Take an interest
5. Make love to him

Put together these 5 tips paint the picture of a man who wants to be a leader, be encouraged and praised, feel secure in his faults, and have a wife who supports his interests and satisfies him physically/sexually.  I have never met a man who did not fit these characteristics.

I don't know how many wives/hope-to-be wives read my blog but I can assure you that if you want to attract and keep a man, read Jared's post and put these 5 things into play in your marriage consistently and for an extended time.

If you're not getting the most out of your husband here's some questions you can ask yourself.

- Does he feel belittled or nitpicked?
- Is he being allowed to lead his family?
- Does he feel like he needs to be perfect to be celebrated?
- Is past failure eating away his joy?
- Does he feel supported in his interests/dreams?
- Are his sexual needs met regularly?  No strings attached?  (Don't forget men also get pleasure and have a need to "give" sexually and not just "receive.")  Without guilt?
- Does he feel like a hero or a zero?

* Jared also shares 5 ways husbands can sanctify their wives which every guy should read and put it into practice.