Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It has been another long year.  You know that I spent the first six months without a job, and the second six months trying to get everything back in order.  You also know I took a little pay cut as a result of the transition. I know you're pretty busy with taking care of the wishes and wants of children around the world, but if you could just look through my list I'd appreciate it.

- new brakes for the van
- new brakes, passenger side mirror, and driver's side rear door handle for the car
- a new garage door
- paint for the inside walls of the house
- a front side walk that isn't cracked and sinking
- a finished basement the kids can play in
- payment on any number of debts (school loan, credit card, hospital bill)
- a little vacation time for my wife and I
- a riding lawn mower
*Forgot to mention a laptop or netbook so I can work at coffee shops.

I know its kind of an expensive list but nothing on it is real greedy, mostly just stuff that needs to be fixed, paid off, and to make life a little more enjoyable for my wife.  I've done my best to be good this year - much better than I was last year.

I don't know if you read blogs, but if you do, maybe you'll have something at the bottom of your bag Christmas night that you can drop down my chimney.


PS - Sorry for telling my kids you are not real.