Why I Use X3 Accountability Software

Today I had the chance to tell someone about the free X3 software that I have on my mobile phone and home computer.  X3 is software that tracks your internet searches, YouTube key phrases, and web browser activity to help put up a fence around personal sexual purity.  The software then emails a list of questionable finds to a friend, spouse or accountability partner of your choice.

The person I was talking to wondered why I would want something like that.  I was happy to share that X3 helps me remain pure in how I use my phone and the internet, and it fights against the temptation to create a habit of secret sin in my life.  X3 makes it easier to invite another person into my life to pray for me and help keep me on track.

It is without question that sexual sin is one of the most prominent and destructive sins that the enemy of God uses to ruin people's lives.  Recently I have read about the horrors of sexual sin among sports coaches and leaders, politicians, local cases in my town, and sex trafficking around the world.  I want NO PART of that kind of evil.

All sexual sin begins with just "one look" before progressing into complete darkness, and I am honest enough to acknowledge that I am no better a man than those who have fallen before me.  That's a road I don't even want to think about going down.  God has done some amazing things to free me from sexual sin and temptation and to get me on track to live for purity, His glory, a wonderful marriage, and a good life.  I absolutely refuse to throw it all away on a You Tube video or internet website.  X3 is a tool to keep me on track.

Let me clear - X3 is not the answer to all sexual sin and addiction problems, and like anything, it can be manipulated to avoid detection, but it is great start for anyone who has a desire in their heart to live in purity.