2012 Goals

I haven't finalized my list of goals for 2012, but here are some things that I hope to accomplish this year.


1. Read 24 books
2. Take Jacob to Red Sox game in Kansas City, MO
3. Take the kids on a camping trip
4. Hike up Pike's Peak
5. Run another marathon
6. Something special for my 10 year wedding anniversary
7. Pay off 3 debts
8. Get down to 190 lbs (current weight 210)
9. Paint some rooms in our house
10. Shoot my first pheasant

Some general behavioral things I'm working on:

1. More patient
2. More generous
3. More friendly

As a parent:

1. Teaching my kids the Bible
2. Meal times more intentional as a family
3. No yelling
4. Praying with the kids
5. Volunteer event as a family
6. Involved in their activities

As a husband:

1. More generous
2. More gracious
3. More gentleness
4. More dates
5. More listening
6. More serving
7. More fun

As a Christian:

1. Be devoted to Jesus
2. Be authentic with others
3. Pursue holiness in all things
4. Serve my church and my community
5. Base all things on the Bible


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