His Kingdom, not Your Thingdom

Your time, talent, and treasure have been entrusted to you by God, not to dead end on you and your Thingdom, but rather to be invested in the building of God’s Kingdom.  A kingdom that grows through every act of kindness, through servant-hearted men and women who serve in all kinds of capacities, through people who give away their wealth proportionately to what they earn, through individuals who see small needs in the people around them and meet those needs without expectation of return, through people who build businesses to fund ministries, through people who open their homes in acts of hospitality, through people who serve on non-profit boards, who invest in the next generations as teachers and small groups leaders, through people who work to make their city great, through people who serve in armed forces and public services.  Through all sorts of men and women who lives have been captivated by Christ and who are committed to lives of generosity.