I Don't Need to Defend My Doctrine to Everyone, All the Time

I like this statement from Pastor James MacDonald.  It is the statement of a pastor who is secure in his beliefs and who has grown over many years having come to an understanding that you'll always have critics, and that you don't always need to be defending yourself or picking fights.
I have been preaching the Word of God verse-by-verse for almost 30 years, and my teaching has gone further in every form than I ever dreamed. I don’t need to prove my orthodoxy in every conversation or press every dialogue to the breaking point, in fear of failing to evidence my own fidelity to Scripture.
I've been around people who haven't learned this.  I've probably been the guy who always has to frame things around his own theology.  These are dumb battles to fight.  In college I saw many relationships go south when people felt that they had to defend their doctrinal stances.

Be who you are.  Belief what God puts into your heart (as long as it is your most faithful interpretation to the breadth of Scripture).  Trust that you are justified in Christ alone, and not in someone else's impression of you.