Reaching the Summits of Life

I read this today in the book The Ledge, by Jim Davidson.  I think it has all kinds of applications to situations we find ourselves in life.
One day I would look back on this moment and realize that it encapsulated all that it means to climb, to push yourself in a way you might not normally imagine is possible.  That if your stamina, skill, and luck were sound, you would get to stand on top.  That if you weakened, your resolve faltered, or conditions worsened the summit would elude you.  I came to understand that respecting the landscape around me and knowing the landscape within me were both key.  If I was to wisely balance desire, risk, and self-preservation, I would have to expand my external skills and deepen my knowledge.  I would have to learn who I was, who my companions were, and what we were cable of achieving.  The challenge was harsh, the outcome uncertain, and the growth potential unlimited.