strive to be thought well of by others

Be wise in what you say, and in what you do, because you never know how the image you are crafting of yourself may benefit/harm you in the future.

I had coffee this morning with a nice guy from Northfield and we were talking about blogs and engaging conversation through blog posts and comments, and he had a really insightful idea.  He said that his local hometown blog gets hundreds to thousands of visits each day and that while many people don't leave comments, lots of people read the comments left by others.  So, he said, make sure that when you leave comments you do so in such a way that even if people don't agree with all your opinions they can still feel comfortable working with you on issues and matters where you do agree.

I really liked that and it reminded me of one of the qualifications listed by the Apostle Paul in 1 Timothy 3:7 which says that a church elder should be someone who is well-thought of by people outside the faith community.  That is the end I try to work towards in my engagement with others in the realm of social media.  I know I will not always agree with others, and they will not agree with me, but hopefully at the end of the day there is the kind of mutual respect and kindness that could lead to possible partnership in some other venture.