The Void in the Human Heart is Filled by Christ Alone

I'm reading the book Tortured for Christ.  It is the autobiography of Richard Wurmbrand, a Christian of Jewish descent who suffered horrifically in Romania prisons under a Communist regime in the 50 and 60's.

Wurmbrand was released after 14 years of imprisonment for refusing to stop declaring the Word of God and preaching the love and salvation found in Christ alone.  Wurmbrand tells of terrible suffering in Communist prisons, more importantly, he writes to open the eyes of Western Christians to the torture and perseverance in the faith of those under severe persecution around the world. 

I found this quotation compelling.  Wurmbrand writes about the great opportunity to preach the Gospel to those who have not yet encountered Christ, and yet maintain an emptiness in their hearts.
There is a void in the hearts of the Communists.  This void can be filled by Christ alone.  The human heart by nature seeks after God.  There is a spiritual vacuum in every man until it is filled by Christ.  This is true also for the Communists and those in other captive nations.  In the Gospel there is a power of love that can appeal to them, too.  I have seen it happen.  I know it can be done. 
Christians - mocked and tortured by Communists - have forgotten and forgiven what has been done to them personally and to their families.  They do their best to help the Communists pass through the crisis and find teh way to Christ.  For this work they need our help.
More from this great book.  These words are from a letter written by a young Christian girl regarding the witness she has shared with another 19 year old Communist girl.
When you listen to those who loudly deny God, it seems that they really mean it.  But life shows that many of them, although they curse God with their lips, in their hearts have a great longing.  And you hear the groaning of the heart....They seek something and wish to cover their inner emptiness with their godlessness.
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