When One Part of the Body Suffers - the Whole Body Suffers

More from Tortured for Christ,
When I was beaten on the bottom of the feet, my tongue cried.  Why did my tongue cry?  It was not beaten.  It cried because the tongue and feet are both part of the same body.  And you free Christians are part of the same Body of Christ that is now beaten in prisons in restricted nations, that even now gives martyrs for Christ.  Can you not feel our pain? 
While the Lord Jesus Christ agonized in prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter, James, and John were a mere stone's throw away from the greatest drama in history - but they were deep in sleep.  How much of your own Christian concern and giving is directed toward the relief of the martyr church? 
Our brethren there, alone and without help, are waging the greatest, most courageous battle of the twentieth century, equal to the heroism, courage, and dedication of the early Church.  And the free Church sleeps on, oblivious to their struggle and agony, just as Peter, James and John slept in the moment of their Savior's agony.
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