Book Review: Chazown by Craig Groeschel

One year ago I was without a job and wondering what God was going to do in my life. Being that I was searching, both vocationally and spiritually, I was very interested in reading the book Chazown by Craig Groeschel, the lead pastor of  I had heard great things about the book, and when I saw is featured as part of the Blogging for Books program I jumped on it and requested a copy right away.

Chazown is from the Hebrew and it means "vision."  That is exactly what I needed, a vision for the next stage of my life. I was searching for hope and passion and direction.  I was hoping that Groeschel's book would point me in the right direction and help me land a new job and secure a new future.  But it didn't quite work out like that.

Chazown is not an answer book.  Rather, it is a companion to the man or woman who sincerely desires to discover God's will for their life.  The book is filled with stories of people who have unearthed God's Chazown for them and who have found deep joy and fulfillment in pursing that vision.  The book offers lots of practical homework that helps you assess your gifts, passions, and experiences as a means of aligning yourself with what God may be trying to do through you.  There is also a website to help you process the material of the book:

At first I was frustrated because I wanted a more black and white solution to my joblessness.  I wanted Chazown to tell me exactly what job God made me for.  If that is your desire you won't like the book.  I think that Groeschel intentionally leaves the book ambiguous in order to point the reader back to Jesus over and over again.  The only way to really know God's will is to get with God and listen to him.

In the end Chazown was a great book to read because it forced me to step back from my situation and assess myself.  While the book isn't vocationally prescriptive it does help you to identify some things you definitely shouldn't do.  It will help you to better know yourself, and it puts your heart and mind in a place to hear from God and causes you to actively look at the people, places, and things God has placed around you to direct you in identifying His Chazown for your life.

I didn't get a new job immediately after reading Chazown, but I was encouraged to continue seeking Jesus and to be open to where ever he was leading me.