Book Review: Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are

Quotes from "Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are" by Alex and Brett Harris.

- Your primary goal isn't to do something extraordinary but to do all things, even the ordinary things, extraordinarily well.
- If we say we want to do hard things for God, but we're not satisfied with pursuing excellence where He has placed us, it's likely we're really more interested in getting glory for ourselves than in getting glory for Him.
- The goal is obedience to God, effectiveness in whatever He gives us to do, and a heart that glorifies Him.
- God calls some people to be faithful and content, and other to be faithful and humble.
- Putting God at the center of our lives does not mean that we live perfectly. It means we live intentionally.
- We've found that mot of the hard things we do take longer than we think they will and that big journeys involve a lot of small steps, each with its own challenges.
- What we once saw as disappointment, we now understand a God's good, wise and sovereign guidance.
- Jesus and his disciples did not seek the disapproval of others.
- Changing something in your life requires changing something in your life.
- Active waiting and seeking.
- Illustration of putting everything that distracts you from God into a bag. How heavy would your bag be?