Stop, Drop, and Pray ALAT

Insightful paragraph from Mark Batterson (on his blog) revealing what God is teaching him about prayer.
Now let me be honest. Day one was discouraging. I flew down to Baton Rouge to speak and I felt tired, I felt distracted, I felt very little anointing. I can’t really explain it. But on the plane ride back it was like the Holy Spirit said, “Did you think this would be that easy?” We want to sow and reap instantaneously. We want to plant the seed and harvest it on the same day
No. If it was easy we wouldn’t even appreciate it. We’d probably mishandle the anointing, mishandle the blessing. This isn’t about what God does on day one, day ten, or even day forty. It’s about establishing a humility habit. We’re going to stop, drop, and pray. We’re going to hit our knees everyday! Our MO isn’t ASAP–as soon as possible. Our MO is ALAT–as long as it takes.