Reflections from Trout Lake Camp QSM Retreat

Made it home after 3 days as the guest speaker for a youth retreat at Trout Lake Camp.  I had a blast being with old friends and making new ones.  I only wish that I would have had more time to hang out and get to the know the students even better.  I had fun eating meals with them, rock climbing, playing broom ball, dominating at ping pong, and just talking.

I am feeling pretty old tonight though.  My knees are sore after an intense game of broom ball yesterday.  Mentally I'm drained, and I'm also physically exhausted (of course going to bed around 1:30am both nights didn't help).

I feel like God did some great things in the lives of the students.  I preached 4 main sessions on the topic of righteousness.  Saturday nights message was about pursing righteousness in response to God's pursuit of us.  It was an amazing evening.  The Holy Spirit definitely showed up and filled the room with his loving presence.  I was moved to tears watching students get real before God and each other.  It was an answer to prayer.

I will continue to pray for those kids.  Going home from a retreat and incorporating what you've learned into your daily life is always a challenge.  Satan will strike fast trying to snatch the seeds of faith that are freshly planted in the kids hearts.  My prayer is that they would continue to flee sin, pursue God and dream big dreams of what God may be wanted to do through them, for His glory.

I also want to thank my mom and dad for watching the kids while I was away.  It was a huge blessing to know they were with you being loved and cared for.  Thanks Mom and Dad!