Speaking at Trout Lake Camp for Quarry Student Ministries

I'm having such an awesome time at Trout Lake Camp with the students and leaders from Quarry Church.  I wish we had a few more days together.  One of the drawbacks of being the guest speaker is that you don't really start connecting with the kids until Saturday evening, and then its time to go on Sunday morning.  I have really enjoyed meeting and hanging out with the students from the Quarry.  They are a fun group of kids.

The highlight of the retreat so far was the Saturday night session.  After a couple worship songs I got up and preached on the topic of pursuing righteousness.  I closed the message by sending the kids into small group to discus with the their leaders what, if anything, God was doing in their hearts.  Then we gathered the students back together for a time of extended worship and prayer.

It brought me to tears to see the students getting down unprompted on their knees in reverence to Jesus and laying hands on each other in prayer.  Kids all over the room were either in prayer, hands raised in singing or  praying and crying with leaders.  The Holy Spirit was definitely in that room tonight.

God is so good.  The orchestrates our lives in such wonderful ways.  All praise and honor to him as he continue to work in the hearts of the Quarry students and leaders, and as he draws them closer to himself.

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