Grateful for Gospel Friendship

This morning I had a great meeting with a couple of guys who mean a lot to me.  They are men who have invested large amounts of time, energy and prayer into my development as a man, husband and father.  They have walked me through some difficult times and I love them much as my brothers in the Lord.

Today I was so grateful for the kindness and wisdom they shared with me.  Rarely do you know so concretely that someone else "has your back."  Today I knew that.  These men helped me to process some thoughts I had.  They shared some wonderful feedback that was filled with wise cautions and great encouragements for the future.  They helped me to see what I was doing, what potential pitfalls there could be, and they prayed for me and confirmed what I feel like God is leading me to.

This is what Gospel Friendship is all about.  Walking one another through all the things that life entails, while maintaining a firm commitment to the Gospel and to helping one another realize the wonder of life that God has for each of us.  Gospel Friendships are built on a foundation stronger than an affinity for sports, they are devoted to the Gospel first, and speaking that truth into one another's lives.

Today we were talking church.  We talked about differing styles, tribes, ministries, and goals.  What I love about these guys so much is their complete devotion to the centrality of the cross of Christ, their teaching about doing ministry in the marketplace, their vision of church as a sending of radical followers of Jesus into the world and not a gathering of saints in the shiny temple, and their holy desire to see the city transformed by the Gospel for the sake of God' glory.