Notes on "The Spanx of Church Leadership" by Ed Young

Ed Young's talk at All Access 2012 -  "Spanx for Church Leadership"

spanx - body shaping undergarments of leadership for the "body" of Christ, the local church

1.  Draft impact players, don't hire projects
- check their Facebook, check their spouse, check their references
2.  Develop double vision
- pastor your church like it is twice its current size
3.  Throw a change-up
- change...conflict....growth
- small tweaks take you to giant peeks
4.  Build a big shallow end in your church
- you need a place to plug people in very rapidly
5.  Put on your shades
- its the vision, the vision, the vision
6.  Consult other leaders before you consult a consultant
7.  Pay now or pay later
- you pay peanuts and you'll get monkeys
8.  Maintain a great 'hattitude'
- you have to wear many different hats as a leader
- you can't allow friendship to be placed above leadership
- people respect what you inspect
9.  Small sharks grow into big sharks
- when you fish for men you begin to draw sharks
10.  Create a climate of critic
- critic leads to creativity
- if people are not leaving, you are not leading
- just go with the "like you's'"
11.  If you don't check up, then people will check out
12.  The message is the main thing
- does your time, resources, energies reflect this?
13.  Let the game come to you
- if you are good they will find you
14.  Ministry is more hip hop, than opera
- if you don't schedule breaks than your schedule will break you
15.  Don't let your finances limit your imagination
- "cramativity".... getting creative at the last second
16.  Sometimes the greatest growth is in subtraction
17.  Fish at high tide and at low tide
18.  Watch the language
- your 'crazar' needs to be on high alert when people use certain language
19.  Bylaws don't matter until they matter
- you gotta have accountability, but you gotta have the power in the right hands
- let leaders lead
20.  Roll with your soul