Resources for Family Worship Time

One of my goals from 2012 was to take more spiritual leadership role as husband and father more seriously and be more intentional about leading my family to love and treasure Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  I have preciously short years with my kids, and I don't want to have any regrets when it comes to the spiritual investments I put in their hearts.  I believe it is my responsibility as a father to plant seeds of faith in the hearts of my kids, and to create a home atmosphere of love and trust that will be space for those seeds to grow into a personal mature faith.

I came across this awesome Family Worship Guide on the Sojourn Church Kids Ministry site.  The guide is a printable PDF that has all kinds of age appropriate resources for leading you family in worship.  I already had many of the recommended resources but I have been using the guide to structure our family worship and to teach my kids in a more intentional way. There is a catechism in the Family Worship Guide that I'm using to teach the kids basic theology.  The guide has "date completed" lines for all the memory work, and I plan on doing a big celebration when the kids complete all the memorization.

Another thing I did was to buy each kid a small journal.  In the journal they are writing down Bible verses, drawing pictures to illustrate Biblical concepts, and jotting down notes and eventually writing personalized prayers.  The journals help reinforce the learning through writing, they allow the kids to add some personalization, they help focus energy during the teaching times, and they will be wonderful keepsakes and markers of the kids spiritual development.  Journaling while they are young may also help develop a discipline of spiritual journaling that they kids can continue to do into adulthood.