Should You be Tweeting During Church?

I admit, I have tweeted during church service numerous times.  When I hear something from the pastor that strikes me I want to share it with others.  My wife disapproves of my behavior, but I have always maintained that I can listen and tweet at the same time.  

Today I read some thoughts from Pastor Daniel Montgomery of Sojourn Church on the issue "To tweet or not to tweet during sermons."  As is almost always the case, my wife is more on target than me.  Here's an excerpt from Montgomery's post that struck me,
My second concern is in what you are visually communicating to others, if you’re tweeting or doing anything else on your cell phone. Remember that a worship service is a collective “work of the people” (which is the literal definition of “liturgy”). Old people, young people. New Christians, long-time Christians. Black, white. Male, female. Rich, poor. And yes, technologically proficient, technologically clueless. 
Even if you’re taking notes on your phone (and tweeting the notes as you go), to others it doesn’t look any different than if you were texting your friend, playing a video game or reading movie reviews. Some may know or assume you’re taking notes on your phone or tweeting words from the sermon that speak to your heart, but others would have no reason to assume this. So whether you intend to or not, you could be communicating dishonor instead of honor.
Read the whole post, and then give your opinion in the comments - Should you be tweeting during church?