Discovering True Productivity

I am often tempted to think that every day I have off from work needs to be packed full of busyness.  I hate the feeling that I am not being productive with my time.  Unless there is sports on, I usually feel guilty about just sitting on a coach watching TV.  I'm not a super driven guy, which makes feelings of uneasiness about not being productive seem weird, but it is a true feeling nonetheless.

Maybe this feeling is due to years of school work followed by years of pastoral ministry where there always seem to be something that could be done.  A deadline to meet.  A paper to be written.  A sermon to prepare.  A person to go and visit.  Now that I'm not doing as many of those activities and I have more leisure time away from the marketplace, it has been hard to simply 'be' and enjoy my downtime.

This week I have been feeling much more at peace with the thought of not being 'productive.'  I have been reminding myself that house work and grocery shopping and going to the library are all ways to be productive for the needs of my family.  Keeping the house in order is a service of love to my wife, and a way to take some of the pressure off her during the stress of teaching and coaching.

I have to remember that my worth and value don't come from my material production in this world (sorry BK!);  I am not the sum of my outputs.  My worth comes from my Savior Jesus who was put in the tomb and was risen from the dead to redeem me!  Therefore, whether I am productive at work, or productive in serving my family, what matters most is that I work in all things as unto the Lord. (Colossians 3:23).