My View of Women's Sports

My view of women's sports has changed quite a bit in the last five years.  I'm embarrassed to think about some of the stupid things I said as a high school and college student (Sorry bout that Em!). 
I think there are a host of reasons why I've had such a change of heart and mind.  Some of them include...

- watching my wife Stephanie coach high school basketball and getting to know the girls she coaches
- having friendships with multiple girls hockey coaches and watching their teams play
- having a daughter of my own
- growing up in my faith and understanding God's desire for his people
- maturing as a man and trying to get my worth from putting others down
- learning to find more happiness simply in the happiness of others

I'm at a point now where I have very little time for guys who want to bash women's sports.  Of course women's sports are very different than men's, but there are things to enjoy about watching both of them, and anyone who can't/doesn't want to acknowledge that is not worth arguing with.