Today I Quit Quitting

There have been times in my life when I have faced adversity and challenge and I have worked hard to push through it and accomplish great things.  There have also been times when the going got tough and I packed it in and quit.  I've written before on how I have decided to stop playing the blame game, and this morning I'm announcing my resolution to quit quitting.

I don't know how it is possible, but quitting when things get hard seems to be a gene that can be passed on from one generation to the next.  What bothers me is that I see my two oldest children exhibiting some of the same tendencies that I am walking away from today.  My oldest son is a great swimmer and he was invited to join a local swim team, but after two weeks of working hard in the pool he no longer wanted to be on the team.  My daughter is a fantastic gymnast and was invited to be on a select gymnastics team, but after a few sessions on hard stretching and a little pain, she quit.

I've done enough physical training in my life to know that you make the most gains by pushing through what is uncomfortable and hard.  You don't begin to really excel at something until you overcome adversity and pain.  Sometimes these are physical challenges, other times they are relational, and still other times they are emotional or mental.  The common thread through it all is perseverance.  You have to keep going get to the other side. What I've found is that the going is hardest right before you reach the greatest things.  After all, the crucifixion came before the resurrection.

So, as an inspiration and example to my kids, as an act of faithfulness and honor to my wife, and in gratefulness and response to the model of my Savoir Jesus, I quit quitting.