Work on Your Wanter

This week I have been reading through a book called Our Favorite Sins: The Sins You Commit and How You Can Quit by Todd Hunter.  I'll give the book a complete review when I finish it, but I came across something that I wanted to share this morning.

In a chapter called Media Mary Hunter share an excuse that many people use in their battle against sin.  People say that they feel hopeless and powerless when they are facing temptation.  Like they just can't say no before giving in.  Hunter argues that this isn't true.  There is no temptation that is so compelling we must give in.  The reason we give in, is because, in the face of the temptation, there is nothing we want more than the sinful thing we are desiring.

Hunter chases it out like this.  Say you struggle with lying.  You just can't seem to tell the whole truth no matter how much you want to.  Well if someone held a knife to your throat and promised to hurt you if you told a lie, you'd be much more inclined to tell the truth.  Why?  Because you're want for life and safety is greater than your want to lie.  Make sense?  To quote Hunter, "a different, more powerful want overtook your previous want.  The knife and threat changed the faculty in you that arranges and orders desires.  Dallas Willard calls this your wanter."

To achieve victory over sin and temptation in your life you must as Hunter says, work on your wanter.  Only when you love Jesus Christ and treasure Him supremely in life will you achieve the freedom from temptation and sin that your will fights so hard against.