5 Things My Wife Does That All Wives Should Do For Their Husbands

Anyone who knows me well knows that my wife is a saintly woman for sticking with me for almost 12 years now (marriage and dating time).  I joke often that my mother loves Stephanie more than me, because Stephanie is the one who took my off my mom's hands!  Truth is, my wife is an amazing woman who loves Jesus, loves me and has worked really hard trying to be a great wife.

The following are five things Stephanie does that are Biblical, developing, at times difficult, and always a blessing to me.

1.  She prays for me - often.  My wife prays for me everyday.  She prays for strength, wisdom, discernment, blessing, rebuke, correction, holiness, faithfulness, patience, kindness, and courage.  She prays for me as a follower of Jesus, as a husband, as a father, as a businessman, as a leader, and as a friend.

2.  She balances truth with grace and forgiveness.  My wife is not afraid to tell me the truth when I am being an idiot.  She is honest with me about how she feels and what she wants.  But she doesn't do it to hurt me.  She knows I'm broken, as she is, and she forgives me for my short-comings.  She has grace for my errors.

3.  She understands my unique needs.  My wife knows that I need encouragement, respect, and physical intimacy.  She understands that I am an introvert and need some time alone to process things.  She doesn't demand that I do everything her way, on her timeline.  She cares for me in a loving, sacrificial way.

4.  She is my biggest cheerleader.  My wife is encouraging, faithful, positive, and inspiring.  She cheers me up and helps me to look past my own faults to my strengths.  She reminds me that God is never done with me, and she pushing me to keep going and trying when I want to quit.  She points out all the good in my life.

5.  She loves me for me.  My wife is not trying to shape me into the person she wants to love.  She loves me for my uniqueness, my quirks, my habits, and even through my hang-ups.  She inspires me to heal the parts of myself that are broken by providing me a safe place to not always be ok.