Experiencing the Wonder of God's Word

Last week I received a text message from a friend asking to talk with me face to face.  He didn't mention what for (which freaked out my perpetually guilty conscious a little bit), but as soon as I was able that evening we got together.  After a short time my friend shared with me that he wanted me to pray for him.  He'd been struggling with some emotions and wanted prayer asking for God's protection and peace.  I was moved that he was vulnerable in sharing his feelings with me, and honored that he would think of asking me to pray over him.

We spent about an hour talking, reading Scripture and praying together.  It was a tender time paging through God's Word and feeling the healing power of the Bible being read aloud.  I went home thinking about what the words of the Bible have meant to so many people throughout the centuries.  There is such an awesomeness, such a clarity, such an encouragement to be found in God's Word.  And hearing that Word read aloud just increases the greatness as the Holy Spirit opens our eyes and hearts to the wonderful weight of the Word.

This was Gospel Friendship on display.  Gospel Friendship is about friendships that are built and sustained by God's Word.  Gospel Friends take the Bible seriously as the source of encouragement, comfort, power, and wisdom.  They share God's Word with one another and help each other realize the implications for living found in God's Word.