I Suck. So Do You.

I suck.  You suck.  We all suck.

That's the message I heard in a sermon recently.  Not real encouraging huh.  Well, let me give you some context.

The sermon is part of Elevation Church's series called How to Hug A Vampire.  The theme of the series of how to deal with people in life who are difficult or in some way draining to deal with.  We all have those people in our lives right?  People who annoy us, who talk to long at meetings, who corner you at church and spill their guts about how bad life is.  You see some of the people coming and you just know you in for 30 minutes of complaining, whining, or some other interaction that make you want to run and hide.

In the first sermon Pastor Steven Furtick challenged listeners with the fact that before we learn how to deal with  the life sucking people around us, we have to deal with our own tendency to be a life sucker.  We have to acknowledge and deal with the reality that 'I suck' first.  

With that in mind here are some questions you can use to rate your own suckiness....

1.  Am I generally a happy and fun person to be around, or a Debby Downer most of the time?
2.  Am I slow to anger or easily upset?
3.  Would my kids say I am fun and grace-filled or crabby and harsh?  My friends?
4.  Do people embrace me or avoid me in the hallway at work?
5.  Do I listen to others or do I dominate the conversation?
6.  How do I respond when it isn't about me?
7.  Is my mouth mostly smiling or mostly frowning?
8.  Is my cup full, half full, half empty, or bone dry?
9.  Do I give more compliments or more critiques?
10.  Is my demeanor, confidence and countenance found in God's opinion of me or in man's?