Leadership Insight: Micromessages

Yesterday I watched a video on Micromessaging by Steven Young.  It was a very interesting lecture about the messages we send to people through our actions, tone of voice, gestures, and vocal inflections.  I was reminded of how important it is to strive to be mindful of the subtle, often times inadvertent ways we make others feel excluded through our micromessages.

What was also interesting was Young assertion that our micromessages often flow out of the filters and inner attitudes we have in our minds about others.  He talked about how we very easily 'find what we're looking for" when interacting with someone else.  This means, if you have a preconceived idea about someone (They are annoying), it won't be difficult for you to identify what you're set-up to see (annoying behaviors).  Our mental and emotional filters help us to quickly process life and make decisions, but they can work against us when it comes to meeting people, staying open to new ideas, and/or not being influenced by the opinions of others.

After watching the video lecture I am more prepared to watch myself for the negative micromessages I might be sending to the people I manage at work, and also to my friends and family.