Sometimes You Just Have to Move Forward

There is a misconception out there that to believe in the sovereignty of God means to be lazy and do nothing because, "Well, hey, God's in control of it all anyways."  This is completely counter to what the Bible speaks of as Christian responsibility.

Yesterday morning I tweeted,
I find it quite comforting 2 know ALL that happens 2 me 2day is under the control of a deeply loving, and sovereign God, whose plan is good.
This doesn't mean that I am free of responsibility and action.  I still have things to do everyday.  God holds me responsible for how I use my talents and gifts.  He expects me to work hard, to give my best, and to strive for the kind of life that brings him glory.  But I live in confidence, knowing that he will bring about his will for me, and I trust that whatever he brings, it will flow out of his love and goodness.

I love Mark Batterson's maxim, "Live like it depends on you, and pray like it depends on God."  Christian living is partnership between the temporal and the eternal, between the human and the divine.  We must, as my brother Jeff recently told me, MOVE forward in expectancy and full faith that God will act in our favor.