Write a Note

When was the last time you took a moment to send someone an encouraging email, text or handwritten note.  I've gotten a few emails recently that have made my day (and I also got a very nice text from a friend that encouraged me).  Here's a little sampling,
"I thought your sermon was wonderful, and I wasn't the only one. Everyone commented on it, and at least 4-5 of us would like a copy, if you are willing to share it. It was especially comforting to me as I contemplate how my life seems to be heading toward some of those rapids." 
"I just wanted to email you to thank you for all your great ideas on Saturday.  You are truly dedicated to the Lord and inspired me  to think of better ways and more profound personal ways to praise him."
Take a moment sometime this week and write out a word of thankfulness, gratitude, encouragement, or praise.  It will help you to focus outside yourself, and it will be a great blessing to the person who receives it.  In an email world filled with forwards and junk mail, it nice to get these kind of emails once and a while.