10 Year Anniversary Lists About Stephanie

10 Little Things I Love About Stephanie
1. Her Hawaiian complexion and Polynesian nose
2. Her tenacity in the pursuit of her goals
3. Her gifts of hospitality
4. Her interest in sports
5. Her spontaneousness and adaptability
6. Her desire to grow as a woman
7. Her interaction with our kids
8. Her cooking
9. Her sacrifice for the sake of others
10. Her happiness in finding 'little treasures'

10 Ways Stephanie Love Me
1. She prays for me daily.
2. She encourages me when I'm down.
3. She believes in my potential.
4. She follows my leadership.
5. She challenges my blind spots.
6. She corrects my errors.
7. She forgives my sins.
8. She teaches me new things.
9. She cares about my spirit.
10. She practices my love languages.

10 Great Memories  
1. Summer trips to MI
2. Going to Hawaii
3. Watching her in the 2011 Iron Girl Duathlon
4. Visiting Duluth
5. Visiting New York
6. Visiting Colorado
7. Visiting Toronto
8. Watching her coach Girl's High School basketball
9. Going to MN Wild/ MN Twins games
10. Baseball game in Detroit

10 Treats Stephanie Loves
1. Diet Coke fountain pop
2. Diet Pepsi in a plastic bottle or can
3. Mike and Ikes
4. Cheddar cheese Combos
5. Qwik Trip breakfast sandwich
6. Mounds Bar
7. Brick Oven Bakery caramel roll
8. Nachos
9. McDonald's Strawberry/Raspberry Lemonade
10. German Chocolate Cake

10 Things Stephanie Loves to Do
1. Garage sale
2. Play card games
3. Eat at Chipotle
4. Coach basketball
5. Golf
6. Decompress with some Castle and game apps
7. Entertain friends at our house
8. Compete in all shapes and forms
9.  Movie and popcorn with kids on a rainy day
10. BE WITH BRENTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!