5 Tips for Better Tweeting

I love Twitter for many different reasons. I like have a quick way to share my thoughts and feelings with others. I like being able to hear 'what's up' in other people's words. I also use Twitter as a news source, a scoreboard, an information pool, a tutor, and a networking tool. Twitter has enabled me to connect with all kinds of people I never would have meet or interacted with. I think that's pretty cool.

Over the course of two years I've learned a few things about what makes a tweet good or bad. These 5 tips, from Jason Fell, are a great introduction to some of the do's and don'ts of great tweets.
  • Offer context in tweets. Don't be cryptic.
  • Include personal commentary -- especially if you retweet a news source.
  • Don't over-stuff tweets with hashtags and @ mentions. Consider direct messaging someone over @ messaging them.
  • Don't whine or complain. Happy sentiments, the report says, are valued more than negative tweets.
  • If you ask a question, use a hashtag so you and your followers can track the conversation.
How about you?  What do you like, not-like while reading tweets?