How to Get Some More Patience

I remember my parents singing a little song to us kids, many times, while we we're growing up.  The song said,
Have patience, have patience, don't be in such a hurry.  Cause when your, not patient, you'll only start to worry.
Having patience is ridiculously hard for some people, and I am the leader of the team.  Some days are better than others, but being patient is a daily struggle for me.  So often I want things to happen 'right-now,' and when they don't I get frustrated.  This applies to my kids, my health, house projects, and work.

I'm starting to see the same traits in a couple of my kids.  The funny thing is that impatience looks a lot uglier in other people than it does in ourselves.  Do you know what I mean?  When my kids get impatient I correct them and tell them they need to just relax and stop complaining.  Then I complain under my breath and get impatient with their impatience.  It's all silly, but it is quite real and maddening.  

Here's the most important thing to remember about impatience.  You can't just STOP being impatient.  You have to rely on the Holy Spirit to melt away the iceberg of impatience inside of you.  In Galatians 5 patience is listed as a fruit of the Holy Spirit.  This means patience grows in us as we stay connected to the vine Jesus Christ.  To become more patient I must cultivate the soil of my soul as a place that is good for the Holy Spirit of God to dwell.  If I do that work, the fruit of patience will blossom and grow in my life.