MN Marriage Amendment - How Would Jesus Vote?

There was a popular Christian campaign years ago with the slogan WWJD, which stood for What Would Jesus Do.  Adults and kids alike were wearing bracelets, drinking from coffee mugs, and slapping bumper stickers on their car with the WWJD letters on them.  The idea behind the campaign was to remind people to think through all aspects of their lives from the perspective of Jesus.

One of the core aspirations of a Christian is to be a "Christ follower."  This means Christians should strive to follow the teachings and life model of Jesus Christ, as told through Scripture.  That is what WWJD was  all about.  One reason people latched onto the idea of WWJD was because following Jesus is a task that demands a lot, and it is easy to get off track.

One of the things being a Christian demands is that you actually know what Jesus taught.  If you want to follow him you need to know what he said and did, and this is revealed in the Bible.  So, if you're honestly trying to understand and live your life from the WWJD mindset, it is not enough to make it up as you go along.  You must know and obey the Gospels.

Human beings don't get to revise Jesus' life and words.  We don't get to cut out the texts we don't like, or ignore the ones that don't fit into our feelings.  Yes, there is definitely some things that the Bible doesn't cover, and Jesus didn't address every single topic imaginable with his teachings, so there is some interpretation that needs to be done.  That is why we don't just have the Gospels.  The rest of the Bible, the Old Testament, and the remainder of the New Testament, is there, in part, do give context and support to the words of Christ.  But despite our best interpretations, the words of the Bible will always remain supreme.

As Minnesota moves towards November and the vote on the Marriage Amendment, I cannot think of many things more important to do than for people who label themselves Christians to be studying the Bible intently and doing their best to understand how Jesus himself may have responded to this decision.

It is not enough to simply follow church leaders like blind sheep.  It never is, and it especially isn't on this issue.  Too many church leaders have let their emotions and/or political aspirations/fears drive their thinking on this issue.  They have ignored Scripture and have been swayed by the winds of society and emotion.  Real Christians, earnest Christ followers, have to know his word.  And they need to sit in church on Sunday under the teaching of men and women who hold the Bible as the Supreme Authority in all matters of life.